WALKERA F210 Racing Quad

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WALKERA F210 Racing Quad

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Built for optimal performance in the heat of competition, the WALKERA F210 Racing Quad offers agile maneuverability. With a center-focused construction, you maintain control as the machine moves quickly and easily. It’s one of the fastest machines out there. The added light construction crafts a quad racer ready to shift at a moment’s notice, dodging any obstacle in its way, but light doesn’t mean weak. The carbon fiber materials reinforce this flexible machine with sheer ruggedness meant to withstand even the worst beatings. Ready to take on any punishment that comes its way, this quad maintains sleek performance with a strong modern design. It doesn’t end at agility and stability, as the high-quality HD camera captures all the action in front of it. See live streaming feedback through the on-screen display in the associated remote. Whether you are out for a casual flight or a high-intensity race, this high-end machine captures it all. This is the perfect piece of equipment to leave your competition in the dust. Enjoy all of its features in and out of the racing arena. No real racing drone enthusiast should be left without this optimal piece of equipment in their arsenal.

Key Features
Devo 7 Radio, 700TVL HD Camera, Battery and Charger Included