DJI Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery (Platinum)

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DJI Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery (Platinum)

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The Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery (Platinum) is a top-quality rechargeable battery with a sophisticated system for reporting status and charge levels. The Intelligent Flight Battery provides real-time updates on battery cell status, circle number, and operating temperature straight to the DJI GO app for iOS or Android mobile devices. This technology, including LED status indicators, makes it easier for you to stay aware of your battery status throughout a flight and obtain more accurate flight time calculations. This can help you determine when to start flying your aircraft back or have your drone rely on GPS navigation to return to a launch site or another destination in range. This battery features a platinum color scheme designed to complement the Mavic Pro Platinum aircraft.

The Intelligent Flight Battery prolongs battery life with integrated overcharge and over-discharge protection. These features help to prevent battery damage during charging or from long periods without recharging by maintaining ideal levels for longevity. If you do not charge or discharge an Intelligent Flight Battery for a long period of time, the battery will automatically self-discharge to 50% level, which is an optimum charge for preserving the condition of the battery in storage. Low temperature protection also protects the battery when operating in cold temperatures by controlling the power output to ensure a suitable level of propulsion without risking damage.

Key Features
Battery Type: LiPo 3S, Capacity: 3830 mAh, Voltage: 11.4V, Energy: 43.6 Wh, Flight time: approximately 27 minutes, Weight: approximately 240g (0.5 lbs), Compatible with DJI GO iOS and Android app