Sky Hero Spy Y6 Surveillance RTF

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This is a custum made high-end version of SKY-HERO built specialy for aerial surveillance purposes. The set includes all the neccecary equipment, and it is ready to fly.

Contents of the set:

1.) SKY-HERO SPY-750 airframe:

Expert built SPY-750 airframe with Kopterworx KW4 motors and MAYTECH 40A opto ESC. GRYPHON Heavy duty Power distribution board with dual BEC with extra plugs for powering all on-board equipment.

Wookong-M Waypoint professional flight controller with iOSD 2 and 900MHz long range data link. The ground end of the data link and the ground station software is included, so you just have to load the software on your computer and you are ready to perform fully autonomus flight missions with up to 50-waypoints.

4 pcs. Of Gens Ace 14,8 10000mAh with less than 20 cycles are included in the set.

2.) Surveilance camera SONY HDR-CX410

SONY HDR-CX410 is a full HD camera with excellent optical image stabilization and 55x ZOOM, so you can observe objects of interest up to 1Km away and record video in high definition. The camera is perfectly stabilized on the custum made CT gimbal with Alex Mos direct drive Brushless stabilization system with tilt and roll control.

Demo video from Sky Hero Spy Y6 Surveillance RTF

3.) FPV equipment:

The copter is equipped with state of the art Immersion video system with 600mW Transmitter and Immersion Duo 5,8GHz Diversity 3 reciver. Matching high-end CL/PL and HELICAL antennas are included in the set.

On-board 620 TVL SONY FPV camera with excellent low light capabilities is included in the kit.

High quality Feelworld 8” Video monitor with 3-pod stand and Power supply is included.

With the included DJI iOsd 2 you can switch between FPV and Surveilance video camera.

4.) Futaba T14SG radio which controls all functions is included in the set.

Everything is tested, calibrated and in perfect flying condition, you only need the battery charger and you are ready to go !