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Soar high with the new Parrot Elite Edition AR 2.0 WiFi RC Drone, Parrot's next generation quadcopter, thanks to its intuitive Smartphone and tablet control. You'll never be closer to flying as you view the earth from high above in high definition and directly share your experience online with the world. Get high definition live video streaming to your Smartphone or tablet as you are flying. See a clean, sharp image just as if you were in the pilot seat. Trying your most daring tricks won't even challenge this cutting edge design which is made to last. The AR.Drone 2.0 on-board technology gives you extreme precision control and automatic stabilization features. Fly high. Fly fast. Far away from the ground. Control the AR.Drone 2.0 with your Smartphone or tablet for an intuitive piloting experience. Your movements command the direction of the AR.Drone 2.0. RC flying can't get any more better than this! Get your Parrot Elite Edition AR 2.0 WiFi RC Drone today!


Fly in HD Get the Hawk Eye from high above with the frontal 720p HD Camera (30fps - 91° Angle)
Record & Share with FreeFlight 2.0 & AR.Drone Academy
A Set of Sensors and High-End Technological Refinements for Sharper Controls and improved control over the AR.Drone 1.0, even in the higher altitudes
Live Streaming on your Smartphone
Absolute Control, Intuitive Piloting for Beginners. Moves your AR.Drone 2.0 in the same direction your move your device, whatever the orientation of the AR.Drone 2.0
Access the Exclusive Acrobatic Flip Move, letting you perform barrel rolls as you are flying
Create your Profile and upload videos/photos/nav data to AR.Drone Academy

Parrot Elite Edition AR 2.0 WiFi RC Drone
Indoor Protective EPP Hull
Outdoor Aerodynamic EPP Hull
Fast LiPo Battery Charger with US/JP, UK, EU and ANZ Compatible PLUGS
Rechargeable Battery Pack
Stickers and Targets for Augmented Reality (AR) Games
Double Sided Tape for Fast Repair

Weight: No Hull: 0.80 lbs. (with Indoor Hull: 0.96 lbs.) (with Outdoor Hull: 0.88 lbs.)
Dimensions: No Hull: 17.71 x 11.41 Inches, with Indoor Hull: 20.27 x 20.27 Inches, with Outdoor Hull: 17.8 x 17.8 Inches
Embedded Computer System: CPU OMAP 3630 1GHz ARM cortex A8, DDR SDRAM 128MB, NAND Flash memory 128MB, Wi-Fi /g/n, Linux OS
Ultrasound Altimeter: Emission Frequency: 40kHz, Range: 6 Meters
Front Camera: 90° Wide-Angle Diagonal Lens Camera, CMOS Sensor Video Frequency: 30fps, Resolution: 1280x720 Pixels (720p)
Vertical Camera: 64° Wide-Angle Diagonal Lens Camera, CMOS Sensor Video Frequency: 60fps, Resolution: 320x240 pixels (QVGA)
AR.Drone 2.0 Operating Temperature: 0°C - 55°C
Battery Requirements:

Vehicle: 3 Cell 11.1V 1000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery(Included)