DJI Spark Fly More Bundle - Sky Blue

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DJI Spark Fly More Bundle - Sky Blue

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Your Fly More Combo Includes:

1 DJI Spark in Sky Blue
1 Remote Controller
Extra Set of Propellers
Extra Set of Propeller Guards
2 Intelligent Flight Batteries
1 Charger
1 Power Cable
1 Battery Charging Hub
1 Micro USB Cable
1 Storage Box
1 Shoulder Bag
The DJI Spark Bundle in Sky Blue makes capturing and sharing footage easy, feature-packed and infinitely fun. This mini-drone includes several intelligent flight control options and a 2-axis mechanical gimbal for more stable operation and photography. New for 2017, this lightweight drone also comes with TapFly submodes that put control and guidance literally at your fingertips! Choose the Coordinate feature with a simple tap to move the drone to the location you want at a steady altitude. The Direction command also allows you to guide the Spark consistently in one direction with a few simple taps. Want even more advanced conveniences? You’ll love its advanced obstacle sensing abilities, which allow it to detect and avoid obstacles up to 16 feet away when flying at speeds of up to 3 meters a second.

Not only that, the Spark gives you stunning images with every flight, using advanced camera and control modes. With QuickShot, you can access advanced functions such as Rocket, Circle, Helix and Dronie. The Spark’s Gesture Mode packs in gesture recognition abilities such as Beckon, Follow, PalmControl and PalmLand. With these great options, you can program your mini-drone with takeoff instructions while the craft is still in the palm of your hand! Finally, the Spark’s multifunction power button gives you even greater command over your drone, with multiple capabilities such as easy on and off, remote controller link, access to the PalmLaunch command and the ability to reset wi-fi connectivity.

Key Features
Your Fly More Combo Includes 1 DJI Spark in Sky Blue, 1 Remote Controller, Extra Set of Propellers, Extra Set of Propeller Guards, 2 Intelligent Flight Batteries, 1 Charger, 1 Power Cable, 1 Battery Charging Hub, 1 Micro USB Cable, 1 Storage Box, 1 Shoulder Bag