DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian - 20MP Camera, 4K Video

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian - 20MP Camera, 4K Video

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et masterful handling, imaging, and speed with the Phantom 4 Pro drone. A new level of flight control flexibility, safety, and ability combine to deliver the ultimate in professional-level drones. A five-hour battery life and a skillful camera sweeten the deal.

Five-Direction Obstacle Sensing

A premier level of safety is built into the Phantom 4 Pro with its ability to sense obstacles in five directions. High-resolution vision and infrared sensors placed around the drone deliver detailed data in order to enhance the safety that enables the execution of complex video and photography shots.

Optimal Monitoring

The screen of the Phantom 4 Pro controller comes with the DJI GO app already built into the screen. This enables creative control tools, such as the two Draw modes and the three Tap Fly modes, to operate at the touch of your hand. Image editing and sharing can be done right on the controller screen as well.

Follow the Action

With advanced and automatic subject recognition, the Phantom 4 Pro makes it easy to follow the fast action of a subject while staying in focus and in the frame. To get the optimum image, the drone will adjust its flight automatically to synchronize with the subject. Gimbal stabilization and superior hovering technology add to image stability.

Key Features
Video transmission range of 4.3mi (7km) maximum, 4K Ultra HD video at 60 frames per second, Automatic return home function, Compatible with GPS