DJI Matrice 200 Quadcopter

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DJI Matrice 200 Quadcopter

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DJI Matrice 200 Quadcopter
The DJI Matrice 200 is a single-gimbal drone designed perfectly for industrial and first-responder applications. Use the Matrice 200 Quadcopter to expand your technical expertise in many industrial applications. The capabilities of this drone may just revolutionize the way you work. It comes complete with a built-in First Person View camera that is designed only for navigation.

Camera Compatibility
Because the Matrice 200 is shipped WITHOUT a recording camera, you can use a camera that best suits your needs. Since compatible gimbal-mounted cameras are removable, you can add more than one camera. For example, you can shoot with one camera — perhaps a thermal-imaging camera then remove it, to mount a high-definition video/still camera. Switch back when you want.

A Heavy Hitter
The maximum payload of six kg makes the Matrice 600 a perfect work partner with extra instrumentation carrying abilities. Now you can use weightier accessories such as the Ronin-MX gimbal, Micro Four Thirds systems, and the RED Epic. A payload of 13 pounds can be transported for up to 18 minutes with this device.

Choose cameras that are suitable for firefighting, law enforcement, security, agriculture, engineering, construction, or for utilities and inspections. Your options include cameras that shoot thermal images, cameras with an action-freezing leaf shutter, cameras with a powerful zoom lens, and cameras that accept interchangeable lenses, two of them zoom lenses.

The M200 features IP43 resistance to solid objects and moisture so you can use it in light rain. It is also sized to remain stable in brisk crosswinds. Its foldable body, removable batteries, propellers and landing gear make it easy to store and transport with the included case.

Key Features
Every Matrice 200 includes: Foldable body, removable landing gear, Foul-weather resistance, DJIGo flight program, Precise GPS positioning, Subject tracking, Built-in FPV camera, 51.4 mph maximum speed, 4.3-mile range (extendable), 20-27 minutes maximum flight with varying payloads, Remote controller compatible with smartphones/tablets, 16GB microSD card; compatibility with card up to 128GB,One downward-facing gimbal mount, Automatic/manual camera control, Compatibility with a range of thermal-imaging and video/still cameras, Adaptability to dual controls