DJI Matrice 100 Ready to Fly Bundle Kit With Guidance System + X3 Camera

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DJI Matrice 100 Ready to Fly Bundle Kit With Guidance System + X3 Camera

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This bundle includes:

Matrice 100 Flying Platform
Guidance Visual Sensing System
X3 Camera & Gimbal
Part 1 Guidance Connector
Part 2 Gimbal Kit
Part 3 Extra Battery Kit
2 - Matrice TB48 Batteries
Ready to fly high? The RTF bundle kit with a guidance system and X3 gives you a fantastic view while allowing you to gather and transmit data. Featuring the Matrice 100, this bundle gives you all of the benefits that come with the device. With extra expansion bays and an additional battery compartment, this device allows you to add components and extend flight time to 40 minutes, which means you can take your time, investigate old scenes, or find new places you never thought you would be able to see before. You have the option of attaching communication devices, sensors, or cameras. You can even move components around on the device to achieve the perfect balance, creating an efficient ride with fewer bumps. Made of strong carbon fibers, this RTF bundle kit features four flexible arms and landing feet to cushion it when it hits the ground, protecting your machine and your fun.

The enhanced built-in GPS makes it easy to track your device. With an upgraded controller and integrated Lightbridge, this drone stays within your control for a 1.2-mile radius. An enhanced propulsion system keeps the Matrice 100 in flight after pushing it off the ground. With four motors and four controllers, this ready-to-fly bundle kit is easily controlled even while it is in the air, making your flight exceptional.

Key Features
This bundle includes a Matrice 100 Flying Platform, a Guidance Visual Sensing System, an X3 Camera & Gimbal, a Part 1 Guidance Connector, a Part 2 Gimbal Kit, a Part 3 Extra Battery Kit and 2 Matrice TB48 Batteries.