DJI Agras MG-1S Octocopter Argriculture Drone with Spray System

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DJI Agras MG-1S Octocopter Argriculture Drone with Spray System

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Agras MG-1S Octocopter Agriculture Drone With Spray System
With its cutting-edge technologies for flight guidance, radar sensing, and flow control, the Agras MG-1S Octocopter Agriculture Drone with Spray System is your precision spraying solution. The Agras MG-1S is fine-tuned for liquid materials delivery, programmed with an advanced algorithm for agricultural applications and uses guidance sensors to ensure stable flight. Equipped with a 10-liter liquid tank, the MG-1S boasts a standard operating payload of 10 kilograms, making it the perfect tool to deploy pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

Advanced Flight and Guidance Controls
The MG-1S comes with DJI’s proprietary A3 Flight Controller, expertly tooled for stable and accurate flight even while carrying a sizable payload of sloshing liquid. An innovative algorithm is responsible for this level of reliability, paired with dual compasses for redundancy. This drone is programmed to switch between sensors as needed for advanced error bypassing. Additionally, the MG Intelligent Operation Planning System easily allows you to set and edit your machine’s flight paths. Working together, these features keep the MG-1S airborne and spraying according to your specifications without interruption.

Radar Sensors Provide Precise Altitude Adjustment
Built with a groundbreaking radar sensing system, the MG-1S alters its height in real time according to your land’s terrain. This ability is controlled by three highly precise microwave radars installed onto the front and rear slopes and the bottom of the spray tank. The rear and front sensors accurately detect changes in slope while the third radar senses for ground height. This three-sensor system relays critical terrain information to the drone, permitting it to shift altitude and maintain a proper distance between it and your crops.

Obstacle Sensing Keeps the MG-1S on Course
In addition to flight and altitude controls, the Agras MG-1S Octocopter Argriculture Drone can be fitted with DJI’s own Obstacle Avoidance Radar system. Fabricated with a sensor range between 1.5 and 30 meters, it’s capable of detecting obstructions during both forward and backward motion. Upon encountering objects in its path, the drone will hover at a safe distance, allowing you to resume control and navigate around them to continue your spraying session.

Accurate Sprayer Deployment for Waste Reduction
The MG-1S includes two compatible pumps that operate both front and rear nozzles of the drone’s sprayer apparatus. This model also includes three modes of spraying: forward, backward, and full. Pressure and flow sensors track real-time spraying progress, adjusting to modify the speed of spray and the amount as needed. The MG-1S also comes with two added bonuses: Efficient Mode and Intensive Spraying Mode. Finally, this drone features an XR11001VS nozzle type with extended spray booms to more efficiently utilize downward airflow.

Efficiency, Versatility, and Complete Control
High-tech flight planning, innovative sensor guidance, finely tuned sprayer operation, and liquid flow control come together in an enhanced spraying drone that gives you the precise deployment you need. As part of your comprehensive agricultural care plan, the Agras MG-1S Octocopter Agriculture Drone with Spray System is ideal for crop treatment that’s cost-efficient and minimizes waste.

MG Intelligent Operation Planning System

A3 Flight Controller

Tank: 10 liters with 10-kilogram payload capacity

Remote controller transmission range: 1 kilometer

Maximum flight speed: 12 meters per second

Recommended operating temperatures: 0 ãÄ to 40 ãÄ

Forward, Backward and Full spraying modes

Controller working time: 5 hours

Water-resistant protective film

Key Features
Equipped with A3 Flight Controller for reliable and safe operation, Advanced radar sensing with three high-precision microwave radars, Precision spraying system with three spraying modes: forward spraying, backward spraying and full spraying, Plan and edit flight paths with MG Intelligent Operation Planning System, Two spray modes: Efficient Mode and Intensive Spraying Mode, Controller has a five-hour working time, Engineered for convenient cleaning, liquid injection and demounting, Protected with a water-resistant film