DJI Agras MG-1S Octocopter Agriculture Drone Ready To Fly Bundle

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DJI Agras MG-1S Octocopter Agriculture Drone Ready To Fly Bundle

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For agricultural purposes, there is now the Agras MG-1S Octocopter Agriculture Drone RTF Bundle by DJI. The Agras MG-1S is available without bundle add ons here.

This bundle includes these items:

Agras MG-1S
Spray Kit
Remote Control
2 - Batteries
Battery Charger
The primary purpose of this system is to increase efficiency by making application and measurement tasks easier. The drone is used to employ liquid pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers at precise rates. In the industry, exact regulation is needed to prevent pollution. At the same time, these controlled measurements help with budget management.

The drone, with its radar sensing system, has microwave radars at the front slope, rear slope, and below the spray tank. The aircraft adjusts its height using the front and rear slope radars to detect terrain while the bottom radar provides the height measurement. This system allows the drone to recognize changes and maintain altitude above land areas. Along with the spraying system, precise operations are warranted. The nozzles have different spraying modes, with a pressure sensor and a flow sensor to track real-time spraying rate. When extended spray booms are added, the aircraft maximizes its use of downward airflow. Spray amounts and speed are better controlled, making the work more efficient.

The drone bundle has a flight management system which allows you to plan operations and monitor each aircraft’s flight and spray status to increase efficiency. One drone can be assigned to a field of crops and a team of drone operators can access the information through the platform to avoid excessive and overlapping spraying.

Key Features
In the box: Agras MG-1S, Spray Kit, Remote Control, 2 - Batteries, Battery Charger