Yuneec H920 Plus RTF Hexacopter with Aluminum Case, ST16 Ground Station, A10 Charger, 3 Batteries and Aluminum Case

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Yuneec H920 Plus RTF Hexacopter with Aluminum Case, ST16 Ground Station, A10 Charger, 3 Batteries and Aluminum Case

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The H920 Plus is a multi-rotor aerial photography and videography platform drone. Its unique modular design and innovative features makes it possible for pros to capture high quality photographs and video footage for a variety of commercial uses. Here are some notable features of the H920:

Quick-release propeller

For quick operation, the H920 Plus is equipped with practical quick-release propellers so it is not necessary to use a screwdriver during assembly and disassembly. The hand-laminated carbon propeller is attached with just a quarter rotation and can be released again just as quickly at the push of a button.

Retractable landing gear

Achieve a full 360 degree view of the world during flights without anything obstructing your view, due to the landing gear on this commercial drone.

Foldable arms

Its compact dimensions and foldable arms allow for ultimate accessibility. The compact design ensure your H920 Plus is ready to be used when you're ready to use it.

Various intelligent task modes

Take your creativity to the next level by using H920 Plus's autonomous flight modes which focus on the flying while you focus on your shots.

Orbit Me

H920 Plus flies in a circular path around you, so you keep the camera trained on you the entire time.

Point Of Interest Mode

Identify your subject and H920 Plus will orbit that subject autonomously.

Journey Mode

H920 Plus will automatically go up and out, as far as 90 meters so you can capture the perfect aerial selfie.

Curve Cable Cam Mode

Easily program an invisible route for your H920 Plus to navigate. The H920 Plus will fly between coordinates that you pre-set while independently controlling your camera position.

Follow Me/Watch Me Mode

Follow Me ensures that the H920 Plus moves along with you. Watch Me tells the H920 Plus to follow you while pointing the camera at you wherever you go.

Return Home Mode

Switch to Home Mode and the H920 Plus will make its way back to your location and land within 8 meters.


With the H920 Plus commercial drone, you have the ability to program waypoints on the basis of Google Maps or Amal. Programming is direct and intuitive with the ST16 remote's touch display. Define your departure points, adjust your camera, set your heights and fly. For each waypoint, you can define whether the H920 Plus will fly by, hover, take pictures or film video.

ST16 Ground Station

The ST16 Ground Station is an integrated transmitter, receiver and Android platform all in one that gives you full control over your H920 Plus. ST16 allows you to program autonomous flight and capture stunning photos and videos easily. The large 7-inch integrated screen displays real-time footage of your flight, without the need of an external device.

Key Features
Includes Yuneec H920 Plus RTF Hexacopter, ST16 Ground Station, A10 AC/DC Dual Balance Charger, AC Power Cable, 2x Balance Plugs, 2x Charging Cables, DC Power Cable, Smart Voltage Checker, 16x Motor Screws with Spring Washers, 8x Quick Disconnect Screws, 2mm Allen Wrench, 2mm Hex Screwdriver, USB to Micro USB Cable, ST16 Neckstrap, 4x A Blades, 4x B Blades, 3x 4000mAh 6 Cell LiPo Batteries, Dual Port Charger, Carrying Case for H920+