Wingsland S6 Pocket RC Quadcopter FPV Selfie Drone 4K HD Camera

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Wingsland S6 Pocket RC Quadcopter FPV Selfie Drone 4K HD Camera

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Your Wingsland Package includes:

Spare Propeller X8
Intelligent Flight Battery X 1
Battery Charger X1
Micro-USB Cable X1
Propeller Wrench X1
16GB Memory card X1
Carrying caseX1
Quick Start Guide (Manual) X1
Precise outdoor navigation and hovering of your S6 are made simple with the installed GPS and GLONASS dual satellite navigation systems. When you bring your S6 indoors, the drone’s infrared and optical flow sensor systems take over to ensure the S6 knows exactly where it is at all times. Of course, if it does lose its bearings, the S6 features a low battery alarm and two return settings so it’ll fly back to its original take-off point or the operator’s position.

Operating your Wingland S6 Pocket Drone with your smartphone is easy thanks to the Operations App, which works on either Android or iOS phones. The Wingland S6 App gives access to Beginner, Normal, Course Lock and Home Point modes in one convenient location. This handy app also allows you to edit your flight videos with features such as adding subtitles, combining footage and adding music.

As the thinnest 4K drone in the world, weighing only 230 grams and equipped with the latest in drone technology, including a powerful 4K camera, the Wingland S6 is the smartphone of the drone industry. Turn on the “Follow Me” mode, and this amazing drone flies itself and takes video or pictures of you while you ride your bike, skateboard, play your favorite sports or record your family gatherings without touching the controller.

Powerful, unique attachments add to the versatility of the S6, including a searchlight, mini toy gun and an emoji display screen.

Key Features
Wingland S6 Pocket RC Quadcopter, Included attachments: search light, mini toy gun and Emoji display screen, Max flying speed: 8 m/s, Flight time: approximately 10 minutes, GPS and GLONASS, Dual satellite navigation, Infrared and optical flow sensor system, Operations App with 4K camera, Follow Me mode , Auto take-off/landing, Fold away arms