Walkera Rodeo 110 Racing Drone RTF, W/ HD Camera, Radio and Battery

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Walkera Rodeo 110 Racing Drone RTF, W/ HD Camera, Radio and Battery

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Until you’re ready to build your own racing drone, the RTF Rodeo 110 Racing Drone has everything you need. A brushless motor allows for higher speeds while the lightweight, super strong carbon fiber frame doesn’t weigh it down. It also holds up in a crash and resists corrosion from the elements. The 600TVL wide angle HD camera provides an unrivaled view of your flight path. The 5.8 GHz real-time transmission means you see what your drone sees, with no lag times or delay. If you like to fly at night, a light fitted to the front of the drone provides powerful enough illumination to maintain excellent visibility.

The 850 mAh lithium battery gives you up to eight minutes of flight time and takes 30 minutes to recharge, so if you like to fly all day without interruption, pick up two extra batteries. Because the Rodeo 110 Racing Drone is relatively small, you can fly it indoors as well as outside, and pretty much anywhere else you want. This powerhouse has a modular design, which makes it easy to repair when it’s needed, and easy to modify if you want to.

Key Features
Combination of a strong brushless power system and high-strength carbon fiber frame. Front-view lighting, HD camera and 5.8GHz real-time transmission The size and weight of the aircraft allows you to indulge in the fun of flying indoors. Integrated PCB circuit board, inherit PDB, flight control, transmission, receiver and other modules all in one Modular design makes maintenance easy