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Specifically designed for intense racing in the open skies, the WALKERA F210 3D offers excellent performance in even the most heated competitions. Expertly crafted, the machine possesses optimal racing design. The craft ensures superior gravity center with the carefully crafted satisfaction Axis equidistant construction. This state-of-the-art technology promises greater flight stability, allowing you to more easily maneuver your machine. The agility of the design flies circles around the competitors, and it doesn’t stop there. A new body design crafted with carbon fiber materials provides the superior ruggedness essential in any racing drone while anti-drop abilities keep you in the air through tough conditions. Reinforced with motor protection cover, this drone is built for optimal endurance and safety. Additionally, the highly effective remote design allows for more control with sensitive response buttons and joysticks. The ergonomic design is easy to hold and gives you complete control over flight. Equipped with a high-definition night vision camera, this machine can send real-time feedback in even the cloudiest or blackest conditions. There is no missing the action with the complete camera with adjustable angle. Bursting with passion and speed, this is an incomparable classic racer.

Key Features
The Walkera F210 3D edition is capable of doing flips in 3D Aerobatic Mode. The optimized receiver RX response is 4 times faster in speed, providing the pilot with an intelligent and safe flight at all times. Includes: F210-3D FPV RTF Racing Quad, W/ Devo 7, VTX, Camera, OSD, Battery & Charger